Yes, it is confirmed: it again the McLaren F1!

Mclaren Bp23

It had been rumored, and now McLaren has confirmed. There will be a new McLaren F1, a supercar of a heart attack, will be a three-seater, with the driver centered in position, and although it is not yet known what will be his maximum power, if the rumors prior were not flawed, we would speak of the same propeller that mounts the McLaren P1, V8 biturbo 3.8, empowered to develop more than 700 HP.

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has launched the project BP23, and this will give rise to the successor of the McLaren F1 in only 106 units, the same as in your day were produced in the F1. The "hyper-GT", in the words of MSO, will continue, as it could not be otherwise, the path of exclusivity that marked the career of the McLaren F1, the supercar that was the fastest car in the world for more than a decade until the Bugatti Veyron was done with that honor.

Do not run, that are all sold already

Mclaren F1 Xp3 1993 McLaren F1 XP3 (1993) In its day, the McLaren F1 managed to achieve the 391 km/h.

Of course, the goal of the new McLaren F1 will be in to renew his title. The landscape has changed since the end of the TWENTIETH century, but Woking have placed all their trust and all the work of your engineers, in the development of this new beast of a circuit that must be practical for the day-to-day.

1366 2000

McLaren has already made it clear that the 106 units that will comprise the limited production of the new McLaren F1 there is not a for sell. Unlike what happened with the one that snatched the title of fastest car in the world, all future F1 have already been assigned to an owner, at least in pre-orders. Deliveries will begin in the year 2019.

The arrival of the supercar is part of a few ambitious plans for the future on the part of McLaren, as to manufacture between 4,000 and 5,000 cars a year by 2020, taking into account that in 2015 manufactured 1.654 units and they hope to have 3,000 of this 2016; or develop a new composite propellant, since in 2022 they want more than half of its production to count with this type of engine. In this sense, the expected success of the F1 can bring to McLaren a solid boost, both economically and in terms of prestige.

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