With 340 HP and 900 Nm of this MINI John Cooper Works-who does the Dakar is because they don't want to!

Mini Jcw Rally 3

Based on the MINI Countryman, this MINI John Cooper Works Rally prepared specifically for X-raid to participate in the next edition of the Dakar is a maxibestia that you leave on the ground of the anecdote, the historical name of the brand of british origin.

Uses a powerful engine BMW diesel six-cylinder, boosted to 340 HP and delivers 900 Nm of maximum torque. With he is able to overcome the 180 km/h... though don't expect to see it rolling at those speeds, because theirs is not the asphalt, but what is left out of it. For example, sands, and desert lands.

A new chassis, new bodywork

Mini Jcw Rally 1

When you do watch it you soon realize that it is not a Countryman to use. Your body has been manufactured with kévlar and carbon fiber, and its dimensions flanged complement with the height of the hood is specific, that has been lowered for pilots to have better visibility from the passenger compartment.

In what is not seen, the MINI John Cooper Works Racing has a chassis designed specifically to meet the requirements of the FIA. Has been manufactured in steel tube with the purpose of the Countryman, or what remains of it, to be able to address any type of terrain.

Mini Jcw Rally 4

In what is seen, the ground clearance has been increased to ensure a better step for surfaces steep. Also the height of the suspensions has been increased, and this MINI is 250 mm on the other hand, the brakes are equipped with discs of 320 mm, and on the rear wheels, the grippers are cooled with air and water.

In addition, the John Cooper Works Rally has been seen to lower your center of gravity, although by what has been explained to MINI this action has been limited to a change of placement of the spare wheel, which now is housed in the underbody of the vehicle.

Mini Jcw Rally 2

With 340 HP and 900 Nm of this MINI John Cooper Works, it is clear that the one who does the Dakar is because you don't want. Well, and for all the issue of money, sponsorships and other, of course.

Via | Autocar

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