Volkswagen will have its own factory of batteries for electric cars in 2018

Volkswagen Golf GTE 2017

While Volkswagen desvelaba your new Volkswagen Golf and the offensive products that will continue to be, Matthias Mueller also announced that the company would raise up a new factory battery in Salzgitter, Germany.

In the background, it was something predictable. Volkswagen, which had always had planned the electrification of its range -the Dieselgate only did that speed up the process - you need to have more productive capacity in the electric today. And in the electrical, as the hybrid, the key is in the batteries.

Volkswagen Golf GTE 2017

A factory of batteries for electric or hybrid cars, it is the equivalent of a factory of engines for cars thermal. If you want to sell electric significantly, the price of batteries has come down. And this is only achieved with volume. hence, many manufacturers are investing in factories of batteries.

Daimler is also in the process of building its second factory battery, near Stuttgart, to support the ambitions of Mercedes-Benz in the segment of electric cars. Meanwhile, Elon Musk announced that Tesla plans to open a factory in Europe (even two or three long-term), able to produce batteries and cars.

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