Volkswagen dispensed with 30,000 workers by 2020

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The Volkswagen group announced today that it would have to dispense at a global level to 30,000 people to be able to save 37,000 million euros per year until 2020. For Volkswagen represents 5% of its wage bill, currently gives direct employment to 624.000 people in the world.

In the press conference, the CEO of the brand Volskwagen, Herbert Diess, said that Germany would be the country most affected with up to 23,000 jobs eliminated. Obviously, this new plan is a direct consequence of the scandal of the emissions of CO2, the famous Dieselgate.

Volkswagen would have been negotiating with the unions until Thursday, according to Bloomberg. The plan does not include layoffs direct until 2025, but early retirements and non-renewals of temporary contracts.

The goal for Volkswagen is to release funds to reinvent itself as a brand. The idea is to give the change towards an electric car, connected, and autonomous as soon as possible and leave as well back the Dieselgate. Volkswagen wants 25% of its production in 2025 to be electric cars (plug-in hybrids and electric 100 %).

Herbert Diess added that Volkswagen would invest 35,000 million euros to transform its brand and the factories of germany. Your goal is to improve the productivity of the factories German in a 25 %. To do this, will raise up two new factories in Germany, in Wolfsburg and Zwickau. One of them would be for the production of batteries.

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