Volkswagen confirms that the automatic changes of Audi can alter the emissions of CO2

Audi cambio automático

"The Audi models equipped with automatic transmission have the technology to alter the emissions when they are tested," explained the group Volskwagen in an email addressed to the daily newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Last week, Bild am Sonntag published an article on the alleged tampering of the software the automatic change of some Audi discovered by the CARB.

The software of the automatic switch** detects when the car is being subjected to an emissions test, and acts in such a way that lowers emissions of CO2.** The German daily adds, moreover, that this software would have been used for years in Europe and models, both petrol and diesel.

The automatic change does, however, alter the emissions

In the email addressed to the journal, explains that "the change programs automatic and adaptive can lead to incorrect results and non-reproducible" when we tested the cars. According to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, which had access to a confidential document of Volkswagen, when the software detects that the car is subjected to a test, the change up gear sooner, so that reduces the emissions of CO2 and NOx.

According to Bild, the EPA opened an investigation to clarify the presence of such software in the automatic gearboxes. And in case of being present, if the "adaptive change" is a system to circumvent the rules or it is legal.

How to play the changes to the car is illegal?

And that is the whole crux of the matter in this new suspicion about the Volkswagen group is to know if the fact that the automatic search for maximum efficiency in certain circumstances it constitutes in the eyes of the EPA of a violation or is a legal system.

General Motors leads equipped several genraciones Corvette (including the current) with manual shift mode with the system called popualrmente Skip Shift, the worse is known as CAGS (or Computer Aided Gear Selection). In situations of low load, the car forces you to go from first to fourth directly without pre-putting the second, nor the third -are left stranded, only after you have passed the fourth is unlocked by the other gears. This system has allowed us to homologate consumption figures unusual for a V8 big block.

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