Volkswagen Arteon, heading to Geneva

Volkswagen Arteon
As is Geneva in The English Court. Or not, but going to the APPOINTMENT with THE Engine in Europe, Volkswagen has just released a sketch of the Volkswagen Arteon, a fastback that marks the new line of design of Volkswagen, with changes in the front that promise to be interesting... for lack of a picture to substantiate that promise.
The Volkswagen Arteon is positioned above the Volkswagen Passat, and as explained in Wolfsburg "emphasizes the emotion in the upper middle class". Be what you want it to mean. In any case, to view the images it is evident that it could be the successor to the Volkswagen CC.
According to the brief press release that has been published by Volkswagen, the concept-car that we will see in Switzerland will bring the new image of the brand, drawing on some traits more horizontal, and expressive. For example, in the grill of the front we will find a few bars that extend to the headlamps, whose forms will enhance the three-dimensionality, while the LED technology will serve to accentuate the design language.

Arteon, Art and -eon

AMC Merlin 1967 In the absence of more pictures of Volkswagen, here we have another great fastback: a AMC Marlin, 1967. Photo: Christopher Ziemnowicz.
In the windows we will find moons without frame, looking for the aesthetics of the larger sedans, and in the behind you can already see that we will have a huge trunk to go through a huge mouth load. According to the designer of the Exterior of Volkswagen Tobias Sühlmann, "at first glance, the Arteón awakens enthusiasm through its expressive design. Then, surprise, through its practical virtues. This combination is unique!". Look how well.
As to the name Arteon, pronounced as árteon, we are facing the sum of two components: on the one hand, the art that gives Art ("a harmonious and emotional," according to the brand) and the particle-eon, who follows in the footsteps of the sedan Phideon in the segment of the premium that is sold in China, according to feature in Volkswagen. Unless we go coming little by little and scoops, will have to wait until march to know it.
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