Uk wants to stop you driving, putting 460 million for driving autonomous

Jaguar i-pace
Knowing that two of the props that sustain the future of the automotive of the future is driving autonomously, and the drives alternatives, the Uk wants to lead this journey. To achieve this, the british government has approved a game of 390 million pounds sterling (€460 million) in the development of autonomous systems and electric vehicles.
In charge of making this announcement has been the finance minister Philip Hammond, within the framework of the annual budgets approved for the next year. With a few concise but unambiguous words of the minister, Hammond has asserted that "we have to get ourselves to the front of the technology for low-emission vehicle and driving autonomous".

Many, many millions to split between a few manufacturers

Land Rover autónomo
In addition to the creation of this fund, are also responsible to support with a contribution of 100% of the capital necessary for the creation of the infrastructure that require electric vehicles.
Jaguar Land Rover is likely to be the main company to benefit from this contribution, because it is the main brand of the islands and the one that leads the development of technologies of this type. In fact, it is making progress with autonomous vehicles and connected both inside and outside the Uk roads.
Jaguar I-Pace Concept
Within this evolution of cars, british, Jaguar has confirmed that in 2018 will launch its first 100% electric vehicle, the Jaguar R-Pace. What I don't agree much with the plans of the English government is that while many of the cars of Jaguar Land Rover are produced in britain, the I-Pace will be assembled in Austria by Magna Steyr.
In any case, and despite the fact that the passion and the british tradition in the automotive sector have a lot of weight, have a lot of work ahead if they want to challenge in a serious and consistent in both the all-powerful european manufacturers as to the americans, and without losing sight of the asian.
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