This brutal Volkswagen Golf II of 1.250 HP can with any sport... and you taught in video

From the outside it may look like a Volkswagen Golf MkII and normal current, but in reality under that body known by all is a beast with the virtually any sport can compete. Although it has a modest engine 2.0-liter 16-valve, in fact it is a real wolf in a lamb's skin. Why? Well, because it has 1.250 HP and 1.094 Nm, nothing less.

Work from Boba-Motoring, specialist in charge of the assembly and also the electronic management, the engine has received a new system of turbocharging signed by Extreme Tuners, a new cylinder head from NG-Motorsports, preparation to work with bioethanol E85 or a gearbox Don Octane 'dog ring' of six-speed (and traction 4Motion). The result is brutal.

This Golf II so particular, that weighs in at 1,180 kg, it dispatches the 0 to 100 km/h takes 2,53 seconds and the quarter mile (0-400 meters) 8,69 seconds to 273 km/h. In addition, over 100 km/h to 200 km/h in only 3,16 seconds, that is to say, and impresses especially that speeds of 200 to 250 km/h 1,98 seconds and reaches 270 km/h in only 1,02 seconds more.

And... what the maximum speed? They say that over 350 km/h, but there is no specific figure. It is best to take a look at the following video, because the way in which accelerates the vehicle, is mind-blowing. Have you ever seen a needle turn so crazy? ¡Bestial!

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