These types have been able to hack and 'steal' a Model S with thepromise of a burger in exchange

Tesla Model S Hacker
The guys from the security company Promon have not invented anything, but they have been shown that fetching the typical application that offers us hamburgers for the face is not a good idea, as that may cost us a disgust. For example, a Tesla Model S that we have ever parked to recharge and that can be stolen while we are looking for burgers that don't exist.
And if you are not burgers, anything. It will be for apps that ask us for permissions of the most bizarre... complicated with a Model S, and who says Model S says any car from now on, is that the same mobile phone that we use to play Candy Crush so we use (or will use) to open the car, start it up and largarnos. And yes, that same did so illegal types of Promon, with the car of one of them.
This is not a touch of attention about the cars Tesla but about the kind of shit that we usually install on the smartphones.
Of course, to steal the car first thing the hackers had to enter the phone of the owner of the car. In this case they convinced the owner of the Tesla with an application of malicious code, or malware. They created a Wifi hotspot for free and open near a charging station of Tesla, which offered a free burger to the owners of Tesla to download a special application. Hence the little button easy to "install", the obtaining of permits and... voilà, the hackers went into the kitchen of the Tesla, once they could obtain the password of the application that allows the owners of these cars to access them through the phone.

How to steal a Tesla with the promise of a free burger

Two morals and a basic a question imperative:
  1. Eye with Wifi hotspots free of charge, that no one gives nothing.
  2. Eye with applications free cut turned out a little weird, that's the same thing.
  3. Uncle, do you sell it for a burger? Having a Tesla in the garage?

It is not the first nor will be the last case

bmw connected drive
We have already been years of listening to talk about the hacking of cars (see the cart links at the end for more information), and, while the manufacturers are putting all their effort into getting their systems to be more and more safe, in the end, the weakest link may end up being the same owner of the vehicle.
This Tesla is not the first case that we know about how to steal a car with the help of the current technology. Unfortunately, insurance will not be the last. Whenever there has been a lock has existed a lockpick, but this is precisely why it is advisable to remember that the keys of the cars no longer have a pint of key to the castle, and they start to be mobile applications that are useful, but worth knowing how to use. This is going to be more. Now is when you tap to re-learn.
As we don't put car keys in a bag full of animal fat, or should we not, perhaps, put the application that opens a car on a smartphone that is riddled with fat in the form of applications chufo not be a good idea.
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