The NHTSA wants to save thousands of lives, with the 'car mode' from the factory in the smartphone

Texting Driving

Many accidents of the accidents that occur both in town and on the road are caused by distractions behind the wheel. Each day we are more dependent on the smartphone and the false need to be all the time connected makes us divert attention away from the road to look at that whatsapp which we just reached.

As drivers are unable to get rid of this dependence even if your safety is at stake, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA for friends) has launched a formal request to the mobile operators and application developers to ensure that their terminals come factory installed a car mode.

If the drivers do not make the case, punished without phone

Texting Driving

Signatures of the likes of Apple or Google have been ordered by the NHTSA for that in the design of the new mobile device is activate a security mode can only be enable it to be operated via the connectivity system of the car, beginning autonomously once we rode.

The spokesman of the NHTSA has also recommended the automatic disconnection of some features (such as video playback, keyboard, internet search engines, social networks, or messaging) once the phone is pair with the car.

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Within their suggestion, they do not want these limitations on the use of the smartphone to be something optional that depends on the activation of the user, but are also a security mode that is set by default once the phone detects that it has been climbed in the car, because it binds or not.

The Secretary of State for the U.s. Transportation, Anthony Foxx, has said that "millions of americans are put at risk by the fault of their phones. These recommendations are plain common sense, and will help mobile phone designers to create products that contribute to safety on the road".

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This initiative of the NHTSA is the second part of the plan that began in 2013 with the request to the vehicle manufacturers to install systems of integration with the smartphone in their cars, increasing the number of models left the dealership with Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto.

Relying on these systems you want to standardize a use of the phone through the interfaces of the vehicle, but always in a limited way, with verbal cues and without diverting attention from the road.

Texting Driving4

The NHTSA estimated that in 10% of the 35.092 fatal accidents occurred in U.S. in 2015 there was a distraction. As A result of these accidents is lost 3.477 lives, and the estimated number of involvement in the 5.6 million accidents without victims is 16%.

To see if this initiative comes to Europe, because the fines seem to be a measure obviously insufficient.

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