The International Cavalcade 2016 is summarized in these 10 beautiful images

Cavalcade Ferrari

The International Cavalcade is the concentration official customer Ferrari every year by these dates celebrates the house of Maranello. It is the official meeting in which Ferrari choose their clients and the mima until unsuspected limits. The International Cavalcade 2016 has taken place in a very special place, Japan.

There have been gathered no more and no less that 70 Ferrari days 10 and 14 of November through the streets of Kyoto and its surroundings. Why so far away? Because this is celebrating the 50 years since the enrollment of the first Ferrari in Japan, and because such is the implementation of the mark there than in this Cavalcade 2016 is met between six other LaFerrari, two F12tdfs, two F40s, an Enzo, SA Aperta and the unique model SP1.

Cavalcade 6

It all began in the Heian Jingu shrine, built in 1895 to celebrate the 1.100 anniversary of the transfer of the capital to Heian-kyo where the priest gave the output to the Cavalcade 2016, with the flag of the brand in the hand. From there they went to Awaji island crossing the Great Bridge Akashi Kaikyo.

Cavalcade 9

Shiga, lake Biwa, the sanctuary Shirahige Shrine and the redwoods of Takashima who gave a few prints impressive, as the image that opens this article. The city of Nara also received the Ferrari and the whole concluded with a gala dinner at the temple Tofuku-ji temple.

Cavalcade 10

Cavalcade 8

Cavalcade 5

Cavalcade 4

Cavalcade 1

Cavalcade 2

The contrast between the lines of the Ferrari and the traditional japanese temples gives us a ímagenes of the most evocative, which make you feel envious of having a Ferrari and, above all, to be one of the elect to be able to participate in an event at the level of the Cavalcade.

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