The Hydrogen returns to BMW and your goal is to beat the batteries

BMW returns to the charge with the Hydrogen. After 15 years of research on the Hydrogen fuel cell, and after to shelve definitive the use of Hydrogen as a substitute of gasoline, the future of BMW come back for the refuelling of Hydrogen to provide alternative solutions for mobility. BMW complete with this experimental sample its deployment in both a mobility of zero-emission, braving the electric batteries and proposing a technology that soon could reach the market following in the footsteps of the Hyundai ix35 FCEV and Toyota Mirai.


See the full gallery on Diariomotor BMW accelerates its technology of Hydrogen fuel cell thanks to Toyota. In 2020 we may see the first BMW FCEV.
After the collaboration agreement with Toyota for the exchange of technologies and propulsion systems, the BMW accelerated its plans to develop the Hydrogen fuel cell as an alternative to the batteries when talking about electrical. Markets such as the US have made it very clear that the Hydrogen fuel cell may be a serious alternative to electric batteries, although yes, it needs a major effort on the part of manufacturers and administrators to convert to Hydrogen a real alternative.
By 2020 BMW aims to have ready the final version of the fuel cell system of Hydrogen, a period of time in which we will see a close collaboration with Toyota, leaving two prototypes based on the BMW i8 and the BMW 5-Series GT. In both cases it has been wagered the storage standardized to 700 bars, although BMW also points to the possibility of using tanks of Hydrogen storage in gaseous state at 350 bars as an alternative.
The autonomy of the BMW driven by Hydrogen fuel cell is 500 kilometres, and although there are specified times of refuelling, we assume that this task will require about 3 or 5 minutes like that are showing the rest of manufacturers. BMW has opted for combining the trains of electric propulsion developed in their electric models and plug-in hybrids with the new technology of FCEV, using electric motor of 245 HP and batteries of smaller size and net capacity of 1 kWh.
See the full gallery at Diariomotor
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