The future of Faraday's Future is in the air, stop the works in his factory, multi-million dollar

Faraday Future

A short time ago we spoke about that the owner of Faraday's Future ensured some problems financial of the startup car, and we have not taken time to receive a second course of crisis. Even before its first commercial vehicle to be presented at the Consumer Electrics Show (CES) in early January, Faraday's Future has seen paralyzed the works in your megafactoría of Nevada.

The billion-dollar facilities that the company with the capital of chinese was preparing to have been arrested. The rumor mill has been confirmed by a press release from AECOM, the construction company in charge of the project, to Jalopnik.

Faraday Future began the work of his factory of a billion dollars to the north of Las Vegas at the beginning of the year. To date, we have completed all the prep work.

At this time, Faraday's Future is adjusting temporarily its construction program with the intention of resuming the work at the beginning of 2017. We remain fully committed to our customer and with our employees working on this project, and we look forward to successfully complete the works.

Is it so hard to make a budget?

Faraday Future1

With this statement it is confirmed that something is happening, and rumors point to Faraday Future accrue as a debt of 21 million dollars with AECOM. I guess it will be a temporary lull that should be remedied by the payment (or promise of payment) of the debt, but if no agreement is reached between the parties, could come crashing down around the project.

All of this comes behind the abandonment of six employees important to the front of the project Faraday's Future, and so far have not sold a single car. The only thing tangible that you have right now is a concept car not functional and a prototype that he walk under an intense camouflage.

Faraday Future2

The facilities planned by Faraday Future are a project megalomaniac that would come to bear the full weight productive of the brand. That is to say, are a necessary requirement for the company to produce, and can sell their vehicles. As if no one would have realized that only with a few sketches, a fantastic idea and the rise of the electric vehicles was sufficient to settle in the industry.

Behind all that there is to establish a network of logistic and productive that seems to have been caught by surprise once they have been put to lay bricks and cement. Are you capable of designing from scratch a car that is going to reinvent the wheel and no one has done a realistic budget?

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