The future Honda Civic si would be a 'yes to all'... if not outside because it is in the united States

Honda Civic Si 1

Since 1984, the Honda Civic si is a synonym of sportsmanship Honda. Now, in the Hall of Los Angeles, the Honda Civic si has been presented in society and in the degree of prototype-almost-model-of-production, to demonstrate to the world that there is life between the Honda Civic and the Honda Civic Type R. With a Type R that is already in the american market, the Sport Injected takes that role means in the united States, although in Europe there would be few that would say yes to all.

It comes with a engine 1.5 turbo VTEC that will borrow from the Honda Civic conventional, although by now not have given to know your numbers benefits. Yes, one can infer that the maximum power will be between the 205 HP that gave the previous If and the 306 HP of the current Type R, with a peak torque that could be around 300 Nm. We will have to wait to confirm these data.

Sportsmanship with manual shift mode

Honda Civic Si 3

The new Honda Civic si will hit the market with an offer that will include manual transmission of six relations at all levels, sport suspension, active, high-performance brakes, a new direction, feel more direct and precise, in addition to a limited-slip differential in the front.

The new Honda Civic If you mount the aero package Factory Performance tires and 19-inch tyres that may be high-performance.

Perhaps the attributes most striking are the front bumper and back spoiler, in addition to the exhaust terminal, which may be the most concept of all the prototype, anticipates an interesting aesthetic change in this Civic sports. On the other hand, the new If would dispense with the side stripes are specific to the version, that had characterized the compact sports since 1999.

Sportsmanship with seats If

Honda Civic Si 2017 190

On the inside, the sportiness continues with a line that is not as radical as that of the Type R. A TFT screen and sound equipment with graphics red, sport seats embossed with the emblem If, sports pedals with aluminum casing, and finishes Dry Metal Carbon on the board are the main attractions that should be emphasized.

And although the Honda Civic si is presented only as a coupe with three doors, Honda has already secured the compact will also be in version four-door sedan. Despite the fact that there are not many details confirmed at the moment, everything seems to indicate that 2017 will be a year moved to Honda, at least in the north american market. There is No forecast, however, that the Honda Civic If you cross the pond to come to the us company in Europe.

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