The Formula 1 passes to the Big Brother

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Formation lap of the Grand Prix of Mexico. Esteban Gutierrez tries to get to his position and waits for the traffic lights to shut down to try to gain positions on the starting grid. But, suddenly, someone speaks to her on the radio. It is not a familiar voice, at least, not by the radio.

"Hello Stephen. Here Juan Pablo Montoya. Good luck for the race!" says the voice in your headphones. Gutierrez does not take long to answer: "I Will note that we are in Mexico!". The public and the social networks go crazy with the words of one of the local pilots.

This is not the first time these happens, it is the second. But it surprises us less. The first time that a stranger snuck in to the radio, a pilot from the grill was after the classification of the Grand Prix of Japan. Johnny Herbert congratulated Nico Rosberg for the pole who had just achieved.

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What was a surprise to everyone but don't get to give it was assumed that it was part of the evidence that the new owners of the Formula 1 -Liberty Media- are doing to make to bring the competition up to the living room of the houses of all the fans feel to see a race.

In the last few races, the realization of the Great Prizes they have clicked the radio equipment more frequently than it used to be. In fact, it was one of the conditions that are put on the teams when they asked for that was again to reestablish communication and complete without limitations with their drivers in the race.

The new Formula 1 wants to give fans the chance to have a complete vision of everything that happens on the track. With all the benefits and the harm that that entails.

The pilots against

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The drivers have already shown their discontent. They are often persecuted and constantly observed by Big Brother. They believe that the intimacy that they had with their engineer looks raped by the constant prodding of the radio that sometimes they give a information in context that will not let them very well.

Pulling also of examples from Mexico, Fernando Alonso had an out-of-tune with the team when on lap fifteen he urged him to push strong. Spanish is slipping a "I do my job and you do yours" that although in the past it would have been a simple story for the team, now surely become the talk of the press in the coming weeks.

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Among the fans although there is not a consensus about what it is that you should make, all appreciate any type of information that will make them feel part of the great circus. Despite who will despite, it seems that the system -which is already implemented in other categories as the WTCC and Formula E- has come to stay.

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