Stay stuck with the truck and you take out a huge ship is not seen every day

Volvo Barco

When you take a truck with four wheel drive you normally don't have to worry if you get stuck, in fact normally you would be the one that focuses on helping others. But this Volvo FAITH you have put things difficult in a site of access to complicated in addition. The wheels have been completely ruined with no way of going in one direction or another.

No dramas! Perhaps the place is not the most indicated to request a rescue from a crane even higher, and bearing a great mass of water a few metres away, what better than to make new friends and that is a boat that you pull out of the quagmire? The barge Dutch Stolt Variant, of 86 by 12 meters, did not hesitate to take a place at the trucker in distress and in a matter of seconds, the Volvo was running to the free of new.

It is mind-boggling to think of the force that a barge can generate with their propellers to move a truck of several tons totally nailed to the ground. And that on a surface such as water in which there is "nothing to grab onto".

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