So they designed the Ford in the 70's

Ford 70s

"What you do in life?", he asked his neighbor. "Design cars", he answered. The neighbor, somewhat exasperated, said, "No, No, but what do you do actually?" The unbelief of the designer perfectly reflects how, outside of the industry, it is perceived by the profession of designing cars.
There is certainly an artistic side recognized by the majority, but in the end we don't really know what it is, and to what extent is a complex process. 40 years ago, I already was him, and Ford opened the doors of its centre of design in the early 70s for a documentary.

Thanks to King Rose Archives, which has rescued this forgotten documentary, we can see how it was to design a car once. And, in the background, we will see that nothing has changed. The fact of designing a car is a process long, complex, and involve several teams of people. And the experiences, the tastes, the emotions and the training of all members of these teams are what in the end created the car that we drive.
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