Sergio Marchionne: "The choice of Trump is a game changer in theindustry"


Although you thought that could not be possible, yes, Donald Trump won the elections in america and within not too much we will see him occupying the oval office of the White House. Taking a look back we saw that the level of exposure of the brands non-american was very high, as it fulfilled the intentions of the president-elect would be punished harshly.
Especially all those brands that produce their vehicles in Mexico, marks that would have to bear a new tariff rate of 35%. Sergio Marchionne, responsible maximum of Fiat Chrysler, has made a assessment to Bloomberg how will the arrival of Trump power, and has not been walked with hot cloths.

The unknowns Trump

Marchionne thinks that "the choice of Trump radically changes the game in the industry, mainly because it will establish a series of new conditions in the united States we have not seen before, and some of them have not been explained yet".
During the first 10 months of 2016, 17% of all models in the group FCA have occurred in the aztec country, and most of them have been sold in the united States and Canada. The concern of Marchionne is concerned not only to their european brands, but also american brands in the group, as Chrysler and RAM.
Half a million Chrysler vehicles and more than 230,000 of their pick-up and industrial are assembled in Mexico, and 75% of the benefits of FCA is a thing of Chrysler. So, Marchionne has commented to Bloomberg that "it's all your team will work together with the new administration for trying to assert their position of power in the market and adapt to new conditions".
Remember that Trump has attacked it with vehemence, to manufacturers such as Ford, participants in the NAFTA agreement that they have in Mexico a strong support to produce their vehicles and introduce them later in the american market. Against them the government of Trump will create a harsh tariffs to the import with which to defend the business and the jobs of americans.
In an increasingly globalized world, the populist discourse of the blonde's hair impossible has sunk in deeply between the north american nation, including the public, latino, african american and female where the statistics said they had little to do. We have to be attentive to the changes that may come is also one of the main industries on the planet.
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