Scalextric launches a limited edition of the Ferrari 308 GTB which piloted Antonio Zanini

Ferrari 308 GTB Zanini Vintage Scalextric

It is about the christmas season and the brands of toys are prepared for the most important time of the year. But consider to Scalextric as a simple brand of toys, it would be belittling to that hobby that you created in many the love for the motorsport. I include myself in those last few.

Perhaps because of the nearness of that period of christmas, or just because it occurred now, Scalextric has just announced the market launch of a car very special, limited edition. This is the Ferrari 308 GTB of Antonio Zanini with the that the Spanish rider competed on and won the Championship of Spain Rally championship asphalt in 1984.

Scalextric Ferrari 308 GTB Zanini Vintage Caja 1

The car has all luxury of details, the presence of the sponsors that decorated the real car and is delivered in a box Vintage which includes a book that tells the story of this car that was modified by the specialist Italian Giuliano Michelotto, who raised the power of its V8 engine of 3.0 litres up to 280 HP.

The documentation also includes information about the sports career of Antonio Zanini, one of the Spanish riders rally most important in the history of this country. Will only be 2,500 units of this model which, with a price of 59,95 euros, you can become a good gift for this christmas, but not necessarily for children. I ask this of you.

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