Rolls-Royce worked 4 years in the development of these wheels with carbon fiber

Rolls-Royce Carbon Rims

In the BMW Group, owner of the brand of luxury cars Rolls-Royce, the synergies between brands are common. For this reason we find in the Rolls-Royce with the navigation systems of BMW, or the layout of some controls around the iDrive identical to that of the models BMW that incorporate it, although built with materials of higher perceived quality.

But perhaps there has not been any synergies between BMW and Rolls-Royce, with the wheels of carbon fiber, an item that can equip the BMW M4 GTS at the not inconsiderable figure of 12,500 euros, and which are also available as part of the endowment of the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Wraith Black Badge on which the development of the brand Goodwood has invested 4 years.

That is the time that it took to develop these tires so espectaculaes that look those dark editions of Ghost and Wraith, wheels of 21 inches, which mixed the carbon fiber with an aluminum alloy.

Rolls-Royce carbon fiber

It is manufactured using 22 layers of carbon fiber arranged in three axes, which are retracted to each other to give rise to the external profile of the rim with 44 layers, which provides the robustness needed to withstand the weight, the speed and the centrifugal forces of the vehicle.

This profile carbon fiber binds to the bushing through a few buckets of aluminum manufactured with processes for aviation, forged in 3D that join through parts of titanium specially created for these purposes. The most striking thing about the case is that just highlights the carbon fiber of the profile in a set, the of the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Wraith Black Badge, that have the color black as the main weapon of seduction.


Four years of work to get these wheels seems like a long time, and perhaps the customers do not know how to appreciate what you take carbon in a part so critical of the car, but in models like these, is the sum of the details that really counts when evaluating the set.

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