Nico Rosberg, World Champion in Formula 1 in 2016

Nico Rosberg is already World Champion in Formula 1 after crossing the finish line of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in second position after his team-mate Lewis Hamilton. Career death for the pilots of the Mercedes in which they both fought for their interests, and in which the balance ended up leaning in favor of the German.
One of the most critical points of the race would be the output. None of the men of Mercedes wanted to commit a mistake that I left out of the game in the first few meters. With the two Mercedes turned towards each other, Hamilton managed to maintain the first position without big problems with Rosberg situated to the rear.
The problems were place in positions more delayed. Max Verstappen trompeaba and ended in the back of the grill. In third position was placed Kimi Raikkonen followed by a Daniel Ricciardo suffered by coming out with the compound superblando that could not take full advantage of expected.
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The first pit stops will not be made to beg. The men of the head of the race passed their stops to avoid surprises and the Red Bull ended up coming to the pits. Only Verstappen who was driving at an impressive pace since its initial incident was kept on track.
In fact, they soon discovered their plans. A single stop would allow you to get to the last few laps in podium positions and with attacking options on the Mercedes. Sebastian Vettel also played with the strategy and stretching your second stop to the limit to have some option also.
Ten laps from the end of the race, Hamilton remained in first position with a rate much lower than we have been accustomed to this season. The british has slowed down the race constantly to try Verstappen and Vettel who came after Rosberg came up to the German to try to overturn the title has not yet arrived.
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Despite the fact that Vettel took the initiative after passing the Red Bull could not attack a Rosberg concentrated and not committing a single error. Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line in first position but the sadness that pervaded was evident.
The that I could not stop screaming on the radio was Nico Rosberg that his wife congratulating him with an excited "what we have done." First World Championship for the son of another World Champion, Keke Rosberg.
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Exciting race also for the two men to say goodbye to Formula 1 after half a lifetime at the hands of the cars fastest in the World. Jenson Button had to retire with suspension of his McLaren broken and he received a warm ovation from the crowd.
Recognition already received by Felipe Massa in his country, in Brazil, it is now two weeks. The pilot of Williams closed his career in the highest category with a ninth position that insurance will not forget.
The Great Prize of the Spanish has been rather complicated. Fernando Alonso was able to save the furniture with a tenth-place that knew to glory in a weekend as complicated as that of Abu Dhabi. Carlos Sainz, for their part, withdrew after Jolyon Palmer will embistiese when they were bent by the head of the race.
Ends the season 2016 Formula 1. Nico Rosberg is the 33rd Champion of the World of Formula 1 and his name is already next to legends of motorsport such as Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna or Alain Prost.
Danke Mama und Papa ❤️❤️
— Nico Rosberg (@nico_rosberg) November 27, 2016
Nico Rosberg has NEVER beaten Lewis Hamilton to a title in his entire motorsport career - until now!
➡️ #AbuDhabiGP
— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) November 27, 2016
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