Mercedes-Benz returns to the six-cylinder in-line... and it does so with hybridization 48V

Mercedes-Benz vuelve a los seis cilindros en línea... y lo hace con hibridación de 48v

While BMW was still betting on their engines from six-cylinder in-line, Mercedes-Benz launched at the end of the nineties your first block V6 and gradually abandoned the former. Nearly two decades later, the brand from Stuttgart has announced his return to this type of thrusters. The first of the family was called M to 256 and it will premiere in 2017, the future Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

As part of a family of modular, which will continue to grow, with options of four and six-cylinder in-line (but all with cylinders of 500 cc) M 256 biturbo engine has 3 liters of displacement and will serve as a replacement for some V6 and even V8 of the house, due to its generous figures: 408 HP and 500 Nm. In addition, this new block brings a surprise; it is a hybrid of 48V or Mild Hybrid, and is likely to replace the thrusters V6 petrol across the range.

Basically, this M256 incorporates a power system of 48 volts which allows to dispense with the strap accessories -the space saved is used for the treatment systems of exhaust gases, the engine equipped with a starter motor/alternator (ISG, or Integrated Starter-Alternator) be able to provide 15 kW of additional power, to regenerate energy during braking and feed the auxiliary systems such as the air conditioning compressor or the water pump, among other things. A system of 12V is still powering the headlights, the interior or infotainment.

Mercedes-Benz vuelve a los seis cilindros en línea... y lo hace con hibridación de 48v

This six-in-line it also has an electric compressor auxiliary (eZV) that significantly improves the response of the propellant. Basically, the compressor is able to achieve 70,000 RPM in 300 milliseconds, providing a push instant without the need to wait for the turbo conventional reach the revolutions needed. This will address the shortcomings of the turbo in acceleration or in terms of departures from a standing start. Daimler promises, therefore, the total absence of turbo lag.

New four -, six-and eight-cylinder

The new family of engines from Mercedes-Benz is based on a modular system with cylinders of 500 cubic centimeters -many brands are opting as for modular designs, cost-saving - and is not intended as novelty only the six-cylinder in-line petrol. There is also a new diesel with the same arrangement of cylinders (OM 656), as well as a V8 modernized (M-176) and two engines of four cylinders: one gasoline (M-264) and another diesel (OM 654, as seen in the E 220 d).

The new 2.9-liter diesel (OM 656) is also a six-cylinder in-line, but in this case of diesel fuel and with a power promised of 313 HP. In addition, it says to reduce the consumption of its predecessor (3.0 V6 - OM 642) in a 7% thanks to the combination of steel pistons with aluminum block and to the improved coating of the walls of the cylinder (NANOSLIDE).

Mercedes-Benz vuelve a los seis cilindros en línea... y lo hace con hibridación de 48v

For its part, the 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine (M 176) debut the S-Class in 2017 will offer 476 HP of power and 700 Nm of torque (the previous 4.7-liter V8 was 455 HP) and will disconnect selective cylinder so that in certain situations (between 900 and 3.250 RPM) to operate with only four cylinders. According to the house, both this system as the improvement in the coating NANOSLIDE -which reduces internal frictions - will diminish the consumption of its predecessor by 10%.

Finally, the new four-cylinder petrol engine (M-264) is a 2-liter that promises performance of a V6 -and a specific power of about 134 HP per liter - and consumptions are much lower. To that used turbochargers , twin-scroll, admission enhanced, electrical system 48V to feed to the alternator with functions of starter (BSA, moved by belt) and the electric water pump.

The propellant also provides a system of driving to sailing, energy recuperation under braking and start/stop intelligent with off the engine even at low speeds. According to Daimler, this new block is intended to replace the rest of engines four and six cylinders and similar power that gave life to their range so far.

Mercedes-Benz vuelve a los seis cilindros en línea... y lo hace con hibridación de 48v

Of course, it should be noted that, although they already knew each other, it is also very important in the strategy of Mercedes-Benz the four-cylinder diesel will premiere in the E 220 d (OM 654), which develops 194 BHP and reduces the consumption of the previous 2.2 turbo (OM 651) at around 13%, also improving considerably in terms of noise and vibrations.

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