Lotus returns to benefits for the first time since the 70's

Lotus Evora 400

The branch of cars of the Lotus is on track to achieve its first operating profit annual from the 70's. Almost 40 years ago that the automotive division of Lotus did not benefits. However, his study of engineering has always kept afloat and brought great benefits to the brand.

The introduction of the Lotus Evora 400, the last month of August, in the american market, as has been noted in the accounts of the company. And is that the production of this model up to march 2017 is all sold. But that is not the only reason.

In order to have positive numbers, Lotus had, unfortunately, to reduce their wage bill, so it went from 1,200 employees in may of 2014 to 800 employees today. Even so, the annual production of cars is stable at a little over 2,000 units, while in 2014 they were less than 1,400 cars.

Jean Marc Gales, CEO of Lotus, acknowledged to AutoExpress that the branch automobile Lotus not had an operating profit positive since the era of Colin Chapman. Wales, who came to the post a couple of years ago, already warned that they were not going to develop a new model immediately-it is an investment that Lotus couldn't afford to - but to go to evolve the range of models with limited series exclusive. It is exactly what they did. And with success. The last of these special series is the Lotus Requires Sport 380 .

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