It war to the parking spaces narrow! The RACC requests that aretailored to the measurements of the cars of today

Barcelona is a city well known for its tourist attractions. What may not be so well known by visitors until they discover the town driving, is that the parking spaces of Barcelona included in the list of the worst parking garages in Europe.
Now, the RACC calls that are extended by law the parking spaces. According to a study conducted in 2013, the average of the squares measures 2.20 metres in width. For the motor club, the ideal measure would be 2.50 meters.

In 40 years cars have grown. And what about the parkings?

To reflect this need in a visual way, in his day, the RACC set up a simple video where it is revealed that the evolution of a Volkswagen Golf from 1974 to 2012 (mk1 to mk7) stops close to the parking space which in its day was appropriate:

The complete study analyzed 60 parkings of several plants in 15 european cities: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Barcelona and Madrid (Spain), Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Geneva and Zurich (Switzerland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Oslo (Norway), Paris (France), Vienna (Austria) and Zagreb (Croatia). In Barcelona highlights of 2.18 metres from the squares of El Born, and in Madrid 2,33 meters from the Plaza de Colón. In addition, it is common for parking lots evaluated in our country and have places scarce also in terms of length.
Anyone who circulates by car to Barcelona you will know that in certain streets, the narrowness of the lanes is a harrowing constant, especially if you are accustomed to driving in other european cities. Regulatory effects and, in general, it is considered that a lane strait measures less than 3 metres in width. In the Catalan city, there are whole districts in which nearly all the lanes could be described as narrow. Even if we lower the expectations until, for example, with 2.75 meters, we would find that, simply, the measures for divided roadways were taken in other times.

Back to the car parks, the technical director of the RACC Foundation, Lluís Puerto, has been recognized to RAC1 that the change is not easy, "and perhaps here there is a tug-of-war, and that is the Administration, to set a minimum width".
For his part, the secretary of the Guild of the car Parks of Barcelona and province, Vicente Artigas, claims that "what you can't do an Ordinance is to amend the parking places for someone who already has a record of openness," while ensuring that, in recent years the squares have already been expanded.


Now that it is expected an intense debate over the width of the parking spaces, it is worth recalling that the request that has been formulated by the RACC is valid only for the public car parks, that is to say, for those establishments whose economic activity is based on rent an space for parking.
We shall have to see what would happen if the same requirements extend to other types of parkings, such as, for example, the parking lots, courtesy of supermarkets and hypermarkets, or to the car parks with restricted access for groups of users, in companies that make available to their workers, or even in neighboring communities. How many of them would pass the test of two meters and a half looking for the RACC?

Note: The images used are not representative, and are used only for illustrative purposes.
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