I often second plate! Chef Gordon Ramsay already has his LaFerrariAperta

LaFerrari Aperta Gordon Ramsay

A little over a year I had the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, known internationally for his television programs as a Nightmare in the Kitchen or Masterchef USA, it had been done with a Ferrari LaFerrari gray color Grigio Silverstone with which he strolled through the streets of London.
Well, it seems that the well-known chef was left with a hunger for more LaFerrari, and now he has done with all of a LaFerrari Aperta. Makes one days he was seen driving his new car, color Bianco, Italy, for the streets of London. Without a doubt, it is an excellent choice as a second course. What will be the dessert?

Ramsay is a great fan of Ferrari, and before done with the supercar hybrid had already had a 458 Italia and an F12 Berlinetta. To own a LaFerrari was within the potential customers who opted to be able to have a Aperta, a car that will only be 209 units.
With a price that exceeds two million dollars, the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is without a doubt one of the supercars of the moment, a car to sweat with its 963 HP able catapultarle up to 350 km/h of top speed. With this car , Gordon Ramsay sure you do not arrive late to the kitchen.
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