How a Ferrari electric? For now, Marchionne raises the entry in the Formula E

Lately to the Formula And you get a lot of girlfriends. If Mercedes already announced that it would form part of the grid in 2018, now Sergio Marchionne has confessed that it might be an option for those of Maranello if you change certain points of the regulation.
Without a doubt, the entry of the manufacturer Italian would be a major boost for Formula E that it looks increasingly established as a category. Although there is still much work to be done to continue moving forward and growing among manufacturers.


The main drawback that prevents many of the interested parties to make the final leap next season, are the limitations of development in the car. In the beginning, Alejandro Agag and his team opted to establish a car base that the teams could put to point without having to make a large investment.

If in the beginning, this decision allowed the Formula And give its first steps, it is increasingly evident the need to release the regulation. The opening looks like it could arrive in 2018, at which time Mercedes already announced that it will enter and that Ferrari could take advantage of.

The other of the major inconveniences, that has the category, and don't like Marchionne, is the need for a change of car half of the race. Batteries that McLaren provides the teams still do not have sufficient capacity to complete a race without having to stop. It is hoped that this will be sorted out soon, but the reality is that there is still no date.
The possible future inclusion of Ferrari in the Formula E could help the electrification of the fleet to come out of Maranello, but the journey to that first electric car still seems very long.
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