Here you have the best and cheapest parking attendant that you've ever seen


Vision cameras, 360 degree proximity sensors, assistants to the parking lot or even cars parked autonomously are almost the order of the day among the catalogs of the equipment of the cars of today. But everything has a price and in the end, most choose to do maneuvers to the old-fashioned way prior to that to pay for these extras.

Although eye, because there are assistants to the car park that are much more effective, faster, more ecological and, especially, cheaper. Specifically, you'll only pay a round at the pub on the corner to pay off your debt with these wizards, in a matter of five seconds are able to park a car without doing a single maneuver, and almost no space!

The only drawback is that you have to be a little clever and be the first to leave, but to see how to take out of the car without help.

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