Ford Mustang EcoBoost against V8, you better not bet in this duel

Matagigantes: refers to the drive which is not, you would bet, or a ticket for 5 euros and then gives you a surprise. Something like that would be the best way to define the Ford Mustang that we have in the next video, because, despite being a model of access to your range, it turns out that with its small EcoBoost engine four-cylinder is passed by the stone to a GT with its huge V8.
With 310 against 435 HP of series, all the ballots are in the pocket of the GT, but the EcoBoost hides in its interior a few modifications that you make to let in evidence to a V8 that also appears to go barefoot. At the end of the quarter mile, the victory was decanted from the side of the four-cylinder with 11,09 seconds in front of 11,74 of the GT. Although the joy will not last long the property owner, finishing the day in a generous puddle of tears of oil.

When I see this kind of videos, even the ones who end up with happier end, always I ask myself the same two questions: how much money is spent by this people in their cars?, and do not are concerned about the reliability of his cars? It is worth that in the united States, both the gasoline and cars are cheaper, so I guess that the spare parts also. But, do not give them cosica thus expose your investment?
In the end, it will be that I have the mentality of the poor.
In Motorpasión | The Ford Mustang will be left only with two engines in 2018, goodbye to the 3.7 V6
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