Follow with us live the presentation of the new Volkswagen Golf

7 generaciones Volskwagen Golf

Some restyling are more important than others. Sometimes it is so deep that it is the upgrade of technical or aesthetic and other because it is a model important for the market. In the case of the Volkswagen Golf would be the two situations.

The change in technical level can be more in-depth that leave pretend your effectively business as usual aesthetic, with the possible addition of powertrains Mild Hybrid 48 volt, while it is not necessary to demonstrate the importance of the car. Remains the best-selling model in Europe, while Volkswagen should be the car of your rebirth and do forget the Dieselgate.

All the answers to these unknowns the discover live, November 10, 12:30. And you can see it here.

In Motorpasión | The 7 generations of the Volkswagen Golf, face-to-face and Volkswagen gearing up with an appetizer of big hits to get the Golf VIII in November

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