Fear is to go on the Nordschleife and see it coming in the rear view mirror a McLaren P1 LM

The McLaren P1 LM is the latest work of Lanzante and McLaren, a beast of a 1000 HP capable of terrorizing anyone who sees it pass by on the street. Yes, because the car is homologated to circulate on the road, and that's surprising when you see come your gigantic spoiler rear by the rearview mirror
It happened to the fans that gave laps at Nürburgring Nordschleife during the last week. The last sessions of Touristenfahrten before the circuit is closed with the arrival of winter, were full of burned enjoying the good temperatures that accompanied it, and a McLaren P1 LM sneaked into the party.

The impressive supercar, which has a 40 % more aerodynamic support and weighs 60 kilograms less than a P1 GTR, was seen giving a few laps between the BMW M3, Renault Clio Sport or SEAT Leon Cupra that filled the more than 20 kilometres of circuit. Clearly, your rate was higher than that of most cars.
They say that the steering wheel was the pilot swede Kenny Bräck, and some suggest that I was looking for a record time, something that it seems quite complicated considering that these records will do on track days closed to the public. What we do not rule out is that the P1 LM was starting with the tuning to make that record in the next few days, so that will have to be attentive to what happens in the mountains of the Eifel.
Be that as it may, it is always a sight to see a car with this potential, giving laps of the Nordschleife, and more if you do car-to-car a lot more worldly as those who are accustomed to lead the rest of mortals.
1000 HP, 40 % more aerodynamic support and 60 kg less than that of a P1 GTR, this is the McLaren P1 LM
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