Evidence Gremlin, or how workers of Ford in Valencia, trolean to their machines by order of the chief

Trolls Ford Valencia

The quality control is a phase of car manufacturing which is critical for any brand. Its operation may depend, in a good way, that the buyer of a car to be or not to headaches because of your acquisition. In the case of the Ford plant in Almussafes (Valencia), calls attention to a system that is used to verify that the machines do their job well.

Ford uses a photographic technology that records, verifies and locates all the parts of the vehicle. And, to test your work, there's workers that have the mission to "put in secret parts wrong and defective in the assembly line", as explained responsible for the trademark blue oval. The wet dream of any luddite. And on top, charging.

Watching the camera that everything is monitored

Ford Valencia Gremlins

The Vision System of Ford in Valencia is made up of a complex system of photography that takes more than a billion images every fifteen days, the equivalent to the number of visual content that is shared on Instagram throughout Europe during the same period.

This system of total picture will help to generate a composite image, formed by 3.150 images that highlight any discrepancies to the engineers of the brand.

Logically, this system may have its faults. And there is where comes the human factor. Ruffles incomplete and engine parts with faults are the ingredients with which these trolls of the valencia plant undress the cars that are assembled there. Called this practice test Gremlin, and take it as a game, but as a game very seriously.

The evidence Gremlin is used in the 34 stages of assembly of Ford, and now the brand evaluates the control system to generalize across the entire plant. This movement recalls, in part, to the decision made by Toyota in 2014 to promote a greater control of the workers on the automated systems, with the aim of reducing quality problems.

Ford Almussafes

Taking into account that Almussafes currently produces Kuga, Kuga Vignale, Mondeo, Mondeo Vignale, Galaxy, S-MAX, Transit Connect and Tourneo Connect, in addition to the engines, EcoBoost 2.0 or 2.3, it is possible that, when they arrive at the market, a good portion of those products have been troleados at some time by a worker of Almussafes. By mandate of the company, yes.

Among the systems used by the plant in Valencia, is the use of microphones, ultra-sensitive, which check that the connectors of the motors have been properly installed; listeners of engines, checking its operation; feathers of the emu, that removed the dust from a car before painting; a digital camera particular that identifies defects of paint on the chassis; tests and more tests. And now, also, people will be looking for the tickle machines. Curious, as a minimum.

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