End of an era: Ron Dennis leaves McLaren

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It is the news of the day! Ron Dennis has stepped down as CEO of McLaren. A story that was already commenting from a week ago but until now, had not had official confirmation. According to aim, this decision would come, forced by the two largest shareholders of the group -TAG and Mumtalakat- that we pressed for a long time to retire.

Without a doubt, the release of this wolf old races will not be easy. Dennis is part of the living history of the brand and its achievements to the front of the team McLaren in Formula 1 will hardly be matched by its successor -of which nothing is known at the moment.

The legend of Ron Dennis as the head of the team that brought McLaren back to the top of the Formula 1 began in the eighties. This british that he started as a mechanic in the team Cooper of Formula 1, was climbing steps in the world of competition and after a number of projects of teams in lower categories, and they became the majority shareholder of the team founded by Bruce McLaren.

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Along with the team McLaren in Formula 1 came to lifting Championships with riders of the likes of Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Mika Häkinen and Lewis Hamilton. Dennis helped the team to the top of the racing world until, in 2009, was relieved by Martin Whitmarsh, after the chaotic battle of the previous season between Fernando Alonso and Hamiton.

After you make the rejection more of a fan of the pilot spaniard by the decisions taken that year, Ron left the race. But not for a long time, still a shareholder in the team of Formula 1 and of part of other structures of the McLaren group, Dennis has returned in 2014 to the circuit but on this occasion a suit become president and CEO of the company to the full.

Not only a lover of racing cars, his relationship with cars street began during the time in which Daimler owned 40% of the stock of the racing team. Dennis assisted in the launch of the Mecedes-Benz SLR McLaren that went on sale in 2003. Already in 2010, was born on McLaren Automotive, a manufacturer of sports cars with the technology and the experience gained in racing ready to compete with the larger ones.

Two opponents: the Kingdom of Bahrain and Mansour Ojjeh

F1 Bahrain Gp 2015 Mansour Ojjeh Mclaren Shareholder With Crown Prince Shaikh Salman Bin I Mansour Ojjeh and Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, crown prince bahraini

Currently, the majority shareholder of the McLaren Group, is the investment fund Mumtalakat, which belongs to the Kingdom of Bahrain, with more than half of the assets of the company. The rest is split between Ron Dennis and Mansour Ojjeh, a franco-saudi owner of the group TAG -manufacturers of high-tech components - that Dennis came to work hand-in-hand in the past. In fact, for several years, he spoke of the TAG McLaren Group.

The group owns several businesses as part of their structure including, the McLaren Technology Group, McLaren Automotive and McLaren F1 Team among others. All of them belong, in their majority, to the same shareholders just mentioned.

 L4r8987 Ron Dennis and Arai-San (Honda) in the presentation of the Formula 1 team in 2015

Despite the successes achieved in the past by Dennis in recent times, the dome was not in accordance with the actions carried out by the president of the company who is rebuked for not having been able to find a sponsor for your Formula 1 team, among other economic issues.

Lover of order, the elegance and the good work, Ron Dennis created a McLaren where just served to perfection. Something that in the past few years sure have missed Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso in the race team. Despite having begun a new stage of the hand of Honda, the racing team did not raise his head, and after their second season together, the results are still to arrive.

Uncertain future


For the time being since McLaren have not come out about who will direct this new stage. Although as always in these cases there are names such as Zak Brown -a british entrepreneur with experience in racing - that take strength.

The Formula 1 team-since Dennis will appoint for it a few months ago - is led by Jost Capito -previous director of Volkswagen Motorsport. Will have to see if the German is still in charge after the resignation of the capo, but for now what is known is that it is in full struggle of power with Eric Boullier , head of the team since the arrival of Honda.

Difficult times that the company will face in the coming months if you do not want to see their assets to the poor. The already announced what your plans are for the future is Ron Dennis who has announced in its press release of farewell that would found a company of advanced technology.

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