Does the Nissan GT-R fastest in the world? A Godzilla of 7.1 seconds in the quarter mile

Nissan Gt R

Sure that you remember that the Toyota Supra the world's fastest is a preparation very beast of Ekanoo Racing, yes, friend, your obsession for fast cars machines absurdly fast in the quarter mile it continues its course, and now he has touched the turn to Godzilla.

Based on a Nissan GT-R as the one that we tested in Spa-Fracorchamps and squeezing his insides to the limit of what's technically possible, have achieved a beast that has managed to lose the 7,44 seconds in the quarter mile to the 7,168 seconds and a speed of 336 km/h.

The engine retuned by T1 Race Development is more tight than the suit of a diver, and it is estimated that yields a higher power to 2.200 HP. And yes, in Ekanoo Racing will still want to lower the time, because by the looks of 7.1 seconds is not a long enough sickly for them. It will only be a matter of time that the low 6 seconds.

My mother, the cervical vertebrae will have to be made a penalty.

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