Do you want to run on the Nürburgring with the Toyota GT86 CS-Cup? The cup GT86 2017 is waiting for you

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One of the small sport that most passions has risen during the last few years has been the Toyota GT86 (and its cousin, the Subaru BRZ). It has slowly been growing among the fans and became a hollow in the competition until now Toyota Motorsport GmbH has presented its new beast accessible circuit, in a competition of their own: the Toyota GT86 Cup.

Since the year 2013 is estrenase this competition within the VLN Endurance Chambionship which is held at the Nürburgring, the format has been a success that about the races to almost any pilot, that can now enjoy the latest evolution of the japanese sports inside of a drink brand that, year after year, it is more attractive.

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With less weight on the scale and more power in the rear axle, the new Toyota GT86 CS-Cup prepared by TMG will enjoy as a dwarf to the drivers who get behind the wheel. The tuning of the suspensions is improved to offer a better handling and more stability, in addition of an aerodynamic package evolved.

In addition to a power and torque higher, performance has improved significantly with the introduction of a change-type flat-foot for climbing gear with the foot to the table, and with auto-blip that will facilitate further piloting of this sporty rear-wheel drive.

Toyota Gt86 Cup 2017 000

But the evolution of the model will not to here, because as participants in the copa brand to receive their units and put them to the test, Toyota will be introducing improvements throughout the year. And all this with an expenditure estimated by the mark of only 6,20 euro per kilometre and the cost of registration low. Do you want to?

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