Come the McLaren 570S Design Editions, or how to save a customized supercar

McLaren 570S Design Edition

In the segment of cars supercars, including the McLaren 570S, the catalog includes multiple options to customize the exterior and interior of the vehicle is a point in its favor. Not in vain, there is a very high percentage of customers who want their car to be unique, different and you don't have one like it.

That's why McLaren has announced a series of units of the 570S under the name of Design Editions, in which you have been given a free rein to the in-house designers to create a series of combinations of colors, materials and details to get a number of McLaren only ones that stand out for their striking paintings and unique details.

McLaren 570S Design Edition

It is paintings of body-specific, the outputs of exhaust, brake calipers, rims, accessories and the colors and materials for the interior. From carbon fiber some trim even the seats are upholstered in leather Nappa red in the extrenos and alcantara black in the centre, almost everything is possible in these Design Editions.

McLaren 570S Design Edition

The perfect example of what we have in the Design Edition 1, the model that you see in the photos that combines the red Vermillion of the body, the five-spoke wheels double very slim that let you see the calipers painted in the same colour as the bodywork, interior trim in carbon fiber, or the steering wheel with alcantara black on the top and leather Nappa red at the bottom.

All these details on a car such as the 570S would cost, based on a book in the catalog of options for McLaren, a lot of money, but in the case of choosing them as a package Design Edition, you'll get them for only 8.500 pounds (about 10,000 euros), which is not so bad.

McLaren 570S Design Edition

If you're going to order one, do it as soon as possible because although the production is not limited as to the number of units that have already begun to pick up orders and the first cars will not be delivered until the beginning of next year. What thinking of to be included in the letter of the three Kings?

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