Brigade, a bike of autonomous police willing to multarte

Brigade, una moto de policía autónoma lista para multarte
Today the security forces of certain cities feature a host of automated systems, capable of, for example, to assert yourself a parking ticket from a car in motion, but until now, that car had to be driven by a person, with their tiredness, their shifts and their hours of sleep. But... what if I already did not lack the human factor?
This is precisely what is developing the industrial designer canadian Edward Arndt, who imagines a kind of motorcycle autonomous and electric) with the name of Brigade, able to patrol the streets, detect small infractions and putting the corresponding fines by itself. Come on, who doesn't need a rider mounted on its back, because it does all the work itself.
For this it uses a set of cameras, sensors, speakers, projectors, and even a gyroscope to keep the balance -no longer a bike, two wheels-. Among the chores that could make Brigade include the automatic recognition of license plates -with fines if you have the expired insurance or any other irregularity, or the imposition of penalties for parking abuse, among other things.
Brigade, una moto de policía autónoma lista para multarte
In addition, this robocop of the TWENTY-first century you can even send images direct to the court, to test mode, send the fine by mail to the owner of the vehicle and to notify a patrol real close if it finds situations that will overflow, as for example a vehicle that exceeds the speed limit and do not follow their visual and audio messages.
The creator of Brigade says that one of the main reasons that has created this concept is the liberation of the police officers of the basic tasks of patrol, that with this type of equipment in the streets might then devote to tasks of relevance, such as crimes of urgency, issues of greater importance, or matters that have to do with citizen safety.
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