Allies to electrify Europe: BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Volkswagen willcreate your network of quick reloads

Bmw i3

BMW group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen Group have signed a joint project to create a network of electric charging ultra-fast high power in the main european motorways. The agreement provides for the construction of almost 400 stations in Europe, using the system of combined load (CCS), with powers up to 350 kW in order to reduce the charging time.
This is the first time that so many and so large groups of automobile agree in something so important to the proliferation of electric cars as is the provision of a recharging network wide and fast.

When car manufacturers decide to pay for the charging infrastructures

Tesla Supercargador In his time, Tesla decided to invest in their own infrastructure charging.
The initiative of these main manufacturers reminiscent of how Tesla decided to set up a network of supply own for their vehicles, but eventually your model top-free has been the subject of shades. The movement, however, now we see it is interesting.
The idea is to have up to 350 kW of power, so that you can top up in a time much tighter than now.
The case of Spain against Norway offers you an idea on why you can fail the electrification when this is in the hands of public managers. It is expected that those who have a greater interest in the sale of electric they may be, also, who have a greater interest in promoting the utilization of these cars is comfortable for their customers.
The challenge facing car manufacturers is not less. Now consider deploying, as from 2017, these 400 facilities. By 2020, the year that is so marked in the calendar, sometimes we should wonder if there will be life beyond it, the idea is to have "thousands of points of load of high power", according to explain.
Mercedes EQ
Within that planning, the objectives are to "allow long-distance movement through loading stations open network on motorways and major highways" and that "the loading experience to evolve to be just as practical as the refuelling in service stations-conventional".
The network will be based on standard technology for CCS, which is a level of understanding between manufacturers quite unusual up to now in the industry. These new stations will expand the technical standard exists for the charging of direct and alternating current electric vehicles to the next level of capacity for continuous load fast.
This is a bad comparison, a movement as historical as the day it was decided if the nozzle of the suppliers of petrol and diesel should be cylindrical, square or have the shape of a star. For something starts.
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