253,995 km/h for the Hyundai Ioniq, do you still keep thinking that hybrids are slow?

253,995 km/h for the Hyundai Ioniq, do you still keep thinking that hybrids are slow?
The salt desert of Bonneville has returned to be a protagonist next to a vehicle very special, on this occasion it is a hybrid car, the Hyundai Ioniq. And is that now the Ioniq holds the record for land speed in a hybrid vehicle approved by the FIA.
The figure has been obtained for 253,995 km/h (157,825 mph) and for that, the Korean model has had to modify in many points, not far from the standard model. Let's look at what has changed in the Ioniq to make it so fast.
Ioniq Record 09
This prototype includes changes in engine, aerodynamics, weight, chassis, suspension and safety. To start with you have eliminated the restrictions of the engine with a reprogramming of the ECU and change, we have removed unnecessary accessories like air-conditioning, there are also changes in the admission and the exhaust, but the greatest gift is a big bottle of nitrous oxide.

Not only changes in the engine

In terms of aerodynamics has changed the front grille for the Ioniq, electric (which is closed), we have included different baffles and changed the low. In addition, it has reduced the weight by eliminating everything superfluous in the interior.
The chassis has seen how they changed to a suspension system and cushioning of competition, new stabilizer bars and a reduced ride height of 100 mm Wheels lightweight with hubcaps, aerodynamic, and tires are Goodyear Eagle.

Ioniq Record 05

In terms of security, nothing special you will not find in a race car: roll bars, harnesses, six-point, battery switch, fire suppression system integrated... well yes, there is something different, a parachute to use as a brake.

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