You can rent the car of another individual, and open it with your mobile phone is the bet of Drivy Open

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Do you open the car with a key? Do you open the car with a remote control? Do you open the car with your mere presence? Good and with the key tucked in the pocket, of course... Both da, those are all things of the past. In Spain very soon there will be cars that will be opened with a mobile app, or that they defend at Drivy Open, presented officially in our country a platform to rent cars between private individuals that relies on an app to unlock the vehicle.

The system is very similar to that used by car2go, but with the proviso that Drivy Open connect to individuals who rent and want to rent a car. This platform landed in Barcelona in the month of July, preceded by more than two years of work in Paris and Berlin, and is now presented in Madrid, where there are about twenty cars that are already prepared to be open with the mobile.

Drivy Open, or how to book, review and open the car of another person with the mobile phone and in a jiffy

According to the promotional video, use Drivy Open is extremely simple. Reservations, looking for the car, you look at the friction that has been registered in the same app, open it and off you go. On the way back, something like: park well, you do the pictures from all the angles that you brand the application, and until then.

Will have to see if the real life is as pretty as in the ads, or what happens when you park there is not space to do any of the photos, or when the mobile coverage is not enough... that kind of issues that may arise in the day-to-day, and that can slow down a bit at that pace so agile that promises the platform that is now being presented in a formal way.

In any case, it is an interesting novelty that adds to the hodgepodge of possible combinations for the mobility that we're seeing born in the recent times. We'll see who puts the cry in the sky on this occasion. In a matter of weeks, Madrid will have 20 more vehicles to give this service. The installation of the necessary technology for the vehicles attached to this platform of private rental shall be borne by the company.

Via | ABC
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