What you would pay over 8 million euros for a license plate for your car? As Balwinder Sahani has done

What you would pay over 8 million euros for a license plate for your car? As Balwinder Sahani has done

If you give us a million dirhams dubaitíes for every time that we have talked about Dubai, almost we would have to purchase the tuition paid recently Balwinder Sahani, who disbursed the descacharrante figure of 33 million dirhams (approximately 8,13 million euros) per register “D5” as a plate for your car in Dubai.

If you are not sounds of anything in the name of Sahani, don't suffer. He is a man of business indian whose only interest now is to know that you can spare so much for the tickets, that is able to wear a shovelful of millions in something that many might consider to be a futility. For Sahani, clearly your “D5” is worth it.
The auction of license plates peculiar to have become a fashion in the united Arab Emirates.

Every two months is held at Dubai auction of license plates like this that we have been able to glimpse for any crack thanks to a mobile wrong place, in which participated about 300 bidders. In these events, which organizes the Authority of the Highway of Dubai, will pay amounts as the millonada that released Sahani, and even higher. The appeal is in getting numbers really low to identify cars, and of Sahani.
The record for an auction of license plates in Dubai is in a few 12,86 million euros. The paid business man in Abu Dhabi in 2008 to have the car number “D1”.
Spent a few milloncetes of nothing is something that Sahani will not represent a great disappointment. In fact, in a previous auction already left to go to 25 million dirhams (around 6,16 million euros) to take over the plate “D9”.

After the auction, the entrepreneur explained that she collects license plates, which already has a dozen to his credit, and that this “D5” will go to “one of my Rolls-Royce”. Typical of what you have a lot of Rolls in the garage and not know what to do with them for which you enrol, as it is due.
Via | India Times $ 8,000 in fines of all the tuition without tuition
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