There will be No car from Apple; or driving system autonomous by 2017 or cerrojazo to Project Titan

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It is true that the known as Project Titan, Apple has never been a secret protected by types very serious, dressed in black with sunglasses, but we have never come to know him too much beyond pure speculation. The flirtation of the giant of Cupertino with the automotive industry has had several episodes, but after delays, denials with McLaren and uncertainties, finally, everything indicates that we can rule out that go to produce one's own vehicle.

As was rumored some time ago, the drive from Apple could not be such, and finally going to be in the development of systems for driving autonomous or semi-autonomous to sell under licence to manufacturers of automobiles. From now on all your resources, including the technology center inaugurated in Berlin, will give their efforts in the development of software for other companies.

The Project Titan has expiration date: end of 2017

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The information from Bloomberg points to a recent relocation, a mass of hundreds of employees involved in the Project Titan, including layoffs. About 120 engineers and programmers would have been fired, along with several hundreds of employees for the design of chassis and suspensions, that you would have to add many other employees have left the company in view of the instability of the workforce and of the project itself.

The same sources point to a thinning in the environment within the project, with bad rolls, lack of leadership and goals poorly defined, resulting in the departure of Steve Zadesky, a former Ford engineer signed by Apple to lead the project.

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After the departure of Zadesky, Bob Mansfield (Apple) announced a new address to the computers that make up the Project Titan, resulting in buried the intentions of the company of apple to compete in the field from companies like Tesla and focus on the development of the software and hardware necessary for a driving system autonomous fully functional.

This change of direction makes all the sense in the world. For many smartphone that wraps the length and breadth of the entire planet, make a phone is not the same as to design and bring to manufacture a car. The potential failure that would expose Apple to a commercial level and financial if your attempt to turn themselves into manufacturers of automobile does not work it would be of magnitudes of the bible. And that's assuming that the rest of the industry does not rise very high barriers to entry.

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And from now on, the future the Project Titan is more in the air than ever, with a term that ends at the end of 2017 to put on the table a driving system of autonomous viable.

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