The not sanction that could give a boost to Hamilton in Mexico

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Lewis Hamilton completed a perfect weekend at the Gran Premio de Mexico F1, where it has been raised with the victory coming from a pole position that won overwhelming on Saturday.

There is nothing to stain the great weekend of the british... beyond the output and the possible advantage over Rosberg that he was able to win out of track. But we don't alarmemos, which was not sanctioned, and that seems to have a logical explanation.

In the first meters of the race, Hamilton made a perfect start, leaving Rosberg behind more concerned with Verstappen that by putting in the first position of the race. Yes, when Hamilton approached the first corner, crashed and lost the car, having to opt out of the track. It came out by the grass and returned to the asphalt, visually, with some advantage... but according to the data, it was not so. Therefore, Lewis was not sanctioned.

According to the telemetry, Hamilton slowed down after returning to the track and this caused his rivals to come together, eliminating any possible difference won after cutting the curves of the Circuit Hermanos Rodriguez. The FIA are not even investigated the incident and Hamilton was able to continue with a career that was not, at any time, a true rival to give him shade.

And as you can see in the video, it does seem that Hamilton is a pound of trouble when you exit out of the track. Rosberg is not about as much as could have done -... and in addition, it also comes out of track-but in any case, there seems to be something that could mark the future of the race.

To Verstappen applied a penalty of five seconds after the race by defending your position (and hold it), taking advantage on the outside of the track, but this time is different, because not to do so, the Dutch would have lost the third in favor of Vettel.

In any case, Lewis was instructed to settle the entire controversy with his pace. In the event that he had been penalized with 5 seconds, what would have happened? If we consider that Lewis outstripped Rosberg in 8 seconds as it passes over the goal line without sweat, we can think that the british would have won also.

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