The netherlands and Germany, against which Tesla use the Autopilot as claim

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The cars of Tesla have many trump cards to play in terms of capacities to be sold to your clientele. The two most important and differentiating the know it all: your electric range and the Autopilot. Especially your conduction system of semi-autonomous delights of the most geek, and of many other drivers who want to be a little less, it, drivers.

This is not the first time that we talk about the Autopilot in Motorpasión, and is not the first time that we emphasize that driving semi-autonomous is not the same as driving autonomous. Due to possible confusion with the trade name of the system some drivers have made a bad use of their Tesla incurring a potential danger, therefore, several european bodies have requested that Tesla cease all use of the appellation Autopilot, something that months ago already asked Consumers Report.

Europe does not want the Autopilot in advertising for Tesla

Autopilot Tesla

The Authority of German Federal Motor Transport (KBA) has been forwarded to a formal writing to Tesla Motors, in which "with the order to prevent misunderstandings and false expectations in consumers, we claim that the term Autopilot is not used more to advertise this system." This letter was made public by Reuters, who in turn would have received the information from a representative of the Ministerior of Transportation along with the message that "the letter to Tesla has the purpose that the word Autopilot does not continue to be used misleadingly to refer to a system of driving assistance".

Going a step further, the KBA has contacted all of the German owners of Tesla to remind them that they must at all times remain attentive to the driving, even with the Autopilot turned on.

The German initiative also adds to the Service of Road Traffic in the Netherlands (RDW). The Dutch agency has already signalled not only the need that Tesla stop using this name as a claim, but the company also strengthen the information that it offers to its clients over the layers of software that will help you take a more relaxed approach.

In the same line, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in its investigation following the fatal accident of Joshua Brown, put in the spotlight the poor training that Tesla provided to the users that they were going to buy or who already had one of their models that I could use the Autopilot and how to act when it is connected (by keeping the attention on the traffic at all times).

Autopilot, a forward with lagoons of human

Tesla Model S

For its part, Tesla has stated that "the term Autopilot has been used for decades in the aerospace industry to refer to automated systems that operate in conjunction with the human intervention, which in his case is designed to reduce the workload of the driver and that when used appropriately assumes a plus on the safety of driving conventional". And here, once more is where is the key of the subject.

Yes, the Autopilot promotes a safer driving and prevents human errors, but the driver has to keep driving. In an indirect way, Tesla would have recognized that between the denomination of their system and the reality there is a stretch that some irresponsible drivers decide to cross over, but would not be included in the update v8.0 the banning of temporary drivers to jump the correct procedures for the use of the Autopilot.


In the event that all the drivers used in the correct way the Autopilot in his Tesla the world would be safer, but several incidents have shown that there are people who, consciously or unconsciously, does not use the system properly.

The limits of the driving autonomous they were, are and will be human, always. For the moment, very nice color, there is no conduction system of the autonomous market, so we must not remove never the attention of the road by advanced which is the car in which we are riding. At some time in the near future we will be able to enjoy driving alone, but it is not yet that day. We don't want to go faster than the technological advances.

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