The dieselgate of Volkswagen already has its first head of steam: anengineer named James Liang

James Liang will pass to the History of the Dieselgate of Volkswagen as the first individual to face criminal prosecution. It is an engineer veteran of Volkswagen, which has committed to assist in the investigation of the subject in the coming months. At age 62, the conviction could bring a fine of $ 250,000 and spend up to five years in prison. Theoretically.

Liang was one of the engineers from Wolfsburg that developed in Germany, a device aimed at circumventing the environmental controls in the united States. The engineer moved to America in 2008, and there conducted tests aimed to hide the impact of the devices off before the authorities of the Agency of Environmental Protection (EPA).

Pleads guilty to conspiracy and fraud

Volkswagen Jetta 2010

According to information made public yesterday, the engineers of Volkswagen installed the device in about 500,000 vehicles between the years 2009 and 2015, only in the united States, with the aim of passing the tests of emissions from the american country. The project was born in Wolfsburg in 2006, and was named "US '07". Apparently, had it all calculated.

A few reports reveal that the engineers of Volkswagen have developed intentionally their dirty tricks coinciding with the start of the program Clean Diesel.
In this context, Liang has been convicted of charges of conspiracy to defraud the Government of the united States, to commit wire fraud and to violate the Clean Air Act, environmental law in the united states that are based the controls of the EPA.

Looking for creativity desperately

The dieselgate of Volkswagen already has its first head of steam: anengineer named James Liang

2014, the year in which Martin Winterkorn was officially informed —is a tell— of what was happening in your home, and 2015, when it was discovered that the cake had to be years complicated the mail servers of Volkswagen.
It has now transpired that between 2014 and 2015 there were crossings of e-mails between James Liang and other workers from Volkswagen about how to respond to regulators from California to the differences of emissions were found between the declared and verified in the laboratory.
In particular, a worker who has not transcended the identity explains that he sent an e-mail to Liang and others, asking them for suggestions with a phrase as emphatic as evident of what was happening in there:
"The word 'creativity' would be of much help here."
James Liang is the first criminal charge that occurs in the wake of the scandal committed by the German manufacturer, and could be the source of more charges against workers of Volkswagen. However, and despite of what is relevant that Liang has assumed its responsibility, the question arises as to who is going to follow your path, especially in Wolfsburg. Do you have any ex-CEO, now retired? Maybe in the end James Liang is little more than a head of steam. The first of a few that will certainly come, but hopefully not much more than that.
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