Sebastian Vettel: "This is a message for Charlie. That you fuck!"

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The Formula 1 lived yesterday one of the final Grand Prix most controversial of the last few years. The last laps on the Circuit Hermános Rodriguez gave a lot of work to the commissioners court who decided in shipments in the third position. Up to three pilots had yesterday in your hand the last step of the podium.

The first action controversy had place with three laps to go. Sebastian Vettel came up to Max Verstappen and got the car. The Red Bull-with tires quite battered - it passed the brake and jumped the curve. A maneuver similar to the one that Lewis Hamilton had done in the output.

On the radio, the computer told Verstappen who believed that he was going to have to pass Vettel as it could have gained time with that track output. However, as argued by the own Max, in no time it came to confirm the team from race direction, and therefore also to him.

Therefore, the laps ticked by and the Red Bull was still in its efforts to contain the Ferrari while the temper of Sebastian Vettel was on the rise. The German -as humour - was very active on the radio. He even added insult to energy drinks and even career direction.


— MrAlexF1 (@MrAlexF1) October 30, 2016

Max Verstappen crossed the finish line in third position and as usual, she went up to the prelude to the podium to prepare to receive the ovation of the delivered mexican public. However, race direction -the one that Vettel would take for that word so ugly - sanctioned with five seconds to Verstappen for not bowing position.

The anger of the Red Bull was captured by the cameras that they also how Nico Rosbeg and Lewis Hamilton also went out of his astonishment. The seemed more relaxed was Sebastian Vettel that he had to run to arrive on time for the celebration of the podium.

Vettel also investigated

However, the thing does not end there. Charlie Whitting also announced that it would investigate Vettel for a manoeuvre Daniel Ricciado. While Verstappen is not allowed to pass the Ferrari, his team mate came from behind. In fact, going even to get in parallel but after a touch, gave up.

Ricciardo Vs Vettel L70 O. o¡

— Karnaplosky (@Karnaplosky) October 30, 2016

According to the commissioners of Maranello had changed direction on more than one occasion during the braking, a maneuver prohibited for some Great Prizes. Although the decision was made to pray -and after declaring the two pilots - the commissioners ruled in favour of Red Bull.

With ten seconds taxes to Vettel, Ricciardo was in third position. And, although late, the Maranello made delivery of the trophy that credited as such.

Ok think I m the third guy to get 3rd place today but the trophy is staying with me! Pretty intense battles out there, not gonna lie loved it & happy to come out with the 3rd I felt I deserved. But not happy to miss the real podium 😢 but I'll take it! 📷 @thommogetty

A photo posted by Daniel Ricciardo (@danielricciardo)

A succession of facts which have become to raise the controversy. There are many specialists who don't understand why the action of Verstappen was penalised and Hamilton in the first curve. They also don't understand why it took so long to announce Red Bull should let him go and even more so why you wait so long to give the third place to Ricciardo.

A fact controversial in recent times for a Formula 1 that is about to reinvent itself.

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