Nissan Rogue One: A History of Star Wars

Nissan Rogue One

Nissan Rogue One: A History of Star Wars, is the latest example of that despite the fact that the auto companies have millions of followers on social networks and millions of happy customers all over the world, know perfectly well that advertising is not an expense in vain, and that a good marketing campaign can catapult your sales to the sky. Already we've seen that with Renault, which has become the official signature that provides transportation directors and movie stars in some of the festivals most famous of Europe. We saw it also with Mazda, that some years ago he sent a model RX-8 to the big screen to make it into the auto's daily use of Scott Summers (Cyclops) in one of the many renditions of the X-Men. Don't you remember?
One of the more recent cases came from the hands of the Jeep, when he presented his Renegade Dawn of Justice, a special version of dark color that is driven by Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) at the beginning of the tape “Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice”. And well, how to forget the great role models Audi has handled Jason Statham in the three installments of “The Transporter”. It is a proven fact that an occurrence of this type results in increased sales for brands, in such a way that no matter how much it will cost them that one of their cars appear on the big screen, in the end, it will be money well spent when hundreds of fans invade the agencies automotive to buy that super car you saw on the big screen.

Nissan Se Une a Rogue One: Una Historia de Star WarsNissan Rogue One: A History of Star Wars

Continuing with the theme, Lucasfilm announced a couple of days that will connect you with Nissan and other four companies: Duracell, Gillette, Verizon, and General Mills, for the global launch of the promotional campaign of the movie “Rogue One: A History of Star Wars”, the new release from one of the sagas most prolific of the film that will hit the showrooms in the coming month of December. "We are very proud to be working with this excellent group of promotional partners for the film Rogue One.
This is the first of a series of independent films of the Star Wars saga, which represents a new era both for the franchise, as for Lucasfilm," said Lynwen Brenman, General Manager of Lucasfilm. "Each one of the partners who will join us in this exciting adventure, have designed a campaign star that captures the spirit and excitement of the Rogue One." According to the information, Nissan will design, just like the other brands, campaigns specific to the extent of the film, whose aim will be to complement the pace and tone of the marketing campaign used to promote “Rogue One: A History of Star Wars”.
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