Editorial from the editor: The parade

As soon as the small school, you have to determine who will be the leader in the group and who will carry the word. It conducts elections, we choose a president of class and it will be said of him that he is a born leader.

Editorial from the editor: The parade
Be a good leader, it is not given to all. Face the ups and downs of a project, be faced with his own challenges in addition to leading a team, maintaining a budget ; lot of responsibilities that comes with this title does not delight everyone !

But what is it when it is not by choice that one gets what role? In the automotive industry, several presidents or business owners are in this position without necessarily having set this up in their career plan. Is it that these people are less qualified than others ? Not necessarily! We learn of leaders who came before us and it gives our own flavour of our journey.
In comparison, the first people that we will influence, our parents, we lègueront a lot of things that we want (or not !) pass on to our children. Although the books are full of information, in general, it is a "role" which is learned "on the job".

Become a leader, it is the same thing ; some abilities are innate, while others need to be acquired over time through experimentation or even through education. In order to become a better leader, there is nothing better than to take courses to deepen and refine its knowledge. Then, it is necessary to adapt his learning to his role, his business, and the more specific needs of its team.
There's a saying that says"there are people who are in the parade and others who lead the parade". For an organizational structure to work, we need people everywhere, especially people who know, understand and respect its role. A boss will come to nothing alone ; it is thanks to his entourage, and with the strength of each, it will be possible to achieve a common goal.

The key to success for a good leader is without a doubt listening and communication; it must be able to identify issues before they become too serious. Of course, to show initiative will have a major impact on the success in the short, medium and long term of the team.

From my side, I announce that I left the magazine The automobile to meet new challenges elsewhere. I had the chance to work with professional people and most of all very passionate, so I was greatly inspired. The automotive industry, and particularly the secondary market, needs a voice to be heard on all the forums on the largest scale possible. Fortunately, there are more tools at the disposal of all to deal with the issues. I'll never be far, because I will always be a "daughter of char" in the soul. A new editor takes over and that is why I know that you'll be in good hands for the future ! Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read, to write me and contribute to the success of The automotive industry, which continues to grow. Enjoy !
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