Are boasting of touch screen? But if I already had the Buick Riviera 1986!

1986 Buick Riviera Prestige

Strangely, about 30 years ago that the Buick Riviera was introduced in the united States with the Graphic Control Center, an invention that evoked so much modernity as everything technological that time already far away. With the TWENTY-first century just around the corner, the year 2000 we sold it to you as an unusual border that we were about to cross, to arrive suddenly at the future.

And an example of that step to the future, it included the dashboard of the Buick Riviera, a wall terribly vertical, which showed the instrument panel is digital and the amazing touch screen of the console, which looked like a monochrome monitor from your computer, but that gave himself much more.

Buick Riviera 1986

The Story of Buick Riviera is so extensive that it could fill a huge Wikipedia entry like this. Born in 1963 with a nod in its title to the Buick Roadmaster Riviera 1949 and the Buick Electra 225 Riviera in 1959, the Buick Riviera had been conceived as a luxury sedan, positioned by General Motors to compete with the Ford Thunderbird.

So, you should not wonder that, generation after generation, the Riviera incorporating the good and best of General Motors, in an attempt to show up to where they could get the advances of the colossus motor. And in 1986, the eighth generation of the Buick Riviera actually gave an audible bell to present to the world the first touch screen onboard a vehicle, to control its functions.

"A car to enjoy"

1986 Buick Riviera Graphic Control Center

In the phosphor screen green 9 inch one reached the menu that is selected with six buttons that I had around: air conditioning, radio, information panel, trip computer and vehicle diagnostics.

So I explained It in a catalog from the period:

Since its conception, there was an important goal that the new Riviera had to get. It had to be a car to enjoy, even more than in a traditional sense. Certainly, it would have a handling faithful, benefits and aggressive seats that would travel long distances, but there would be something completely new, something unexpected that would create a communication between the car and the driver that had never before been possible.

The Graphic Control Center (GCC) will create that relationship. Your cathode ray tube with touch-sensitive give the driver the most important information, and control of most features that any instrument individual or to any group of instruments never mounted on a Buick. In fact, it would take close to 100 buttons to do the work of this single screen. And thanks to this unique interaction between the Graphic Control Center, the driver of the Riviera will find himself in an intimate harmony with his car.

Buick Riviera 1990 Advertisement of the Buick Riviera 1990.

Touching the edge of the screen to access the main functions shown as illustrations. By touching the images on the screen is controlled by the air conditioning, a trip monitor of eight functions, and sound system AM-FM you can include a graphic equalizer. When you touch the screen you can access the diagnosis information, a screen calibration or a summary of several key functions.

The headlights, the cruise control, windshield wipers and windshield washer, fog lamp rear, and other common functions are controlled by a few buttons soft touch willing to each side of the instrument panel digital.

By all traditional criteria, the Riviera is definitely a car to enjoy. A few minutes behind the wheel will confirm. And with the Graphic Control Center, the expression "car to enjoy" takes a new meaning.

Below we can see that invention, in the skin of a Buick Reatta 1989:

Soon after would disappear from the map, the Graphic Control Center. Then the clientele didn't see it in handy, and the idea was shelved until a time more conducive. For example, when consumers had grown accustomed to using touch screens on mobile devices and in this way not notasen so strange that you navigate with your fingers through the functions of a car.

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