ZF teaches us the urban car of the future in 3 ideas, And we like it!

The German manufacturer ZF has built their particular idea of urban car, a project developed independently and under the premise of the show 3 major innovations that could revolutionize the car that we use for day-to-day in large cities. Although its design is slightly less than spartan, the revolution that hides this little car may very soon make act of presence in any manufacturer, and is seeing its impressive maneuverability, their particular idea of electrification or your tool to improve driving, it seems that ZF has big plans for city cars.

Maneuverability never seen before

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The systems of parking autonomous are the latest craze, and this car created by ZF also can park itself with only to make use of an application installed on your smartwatch. Click and park. But the great novelty of this small car is in its propulsion system and in its schema of the front suspension. The rear axle installed two electric motors are independent, which allows you to manage the direction of rotation of the wheels of a one-sided manner. But in their schema the front we find a spectacular turning radius of the wheels of the 75th, which makes this small car is able to turn almost without moving from your space.

Electric propulsion to the big city

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But let's return to its system of electric traction. ZF has developed a rear-wheel drive equipped with two electric motors independent of 75 kWeach thruster is controlled independently, which allows you to employ a vector control of torque to negotiate for better cornering. But in addition, this scheme aims to become a standard part available for any vehicle, occupying a minimum of space under the chassis, and can be combined with any bodywork and propulsion system due to its simplicity and minimal adaptation needs.

Driving assisted to be able to learn our habits

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ZF has not wanted to stay only in the technique, so that presented a new system of driving assistance that is also very soon hit the market. Going a step further than the wizard of efficiency predictive of Audi, the system which uses ZF is a wizard for the driving that has assisted us in all our journeys, analysing our habits behind the wheel, the journeys common and exchanging information with a network of networks to get to know many variables about the state of traffic, weather, incidents, etc, on the Basis of this volume of information is achieved that the vehicle will be able to optimize the consumption over the entire route, and recommending when, how and where to use the energy stored in their batteries.
Source: ZF
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