With time, site, and some skill you can make your engine turn more soft

If you like the mechanics and you are one of those that can't sit still, this video you're going to like. Yes, the work that is done in it is not suitable for all audiences and you will need to have mechanical skills and a certain looseness with the hands and the tool if you take to do it at home, if not better déjaselo to a professional mechanic.

An engine properly balanced engine is smoother, climbs better of times and also a motor more durable. This is why those who want the best for your car do not hesitate to spend the money in a home grinder to balance the crankshaft, flywheel, connecting rods and pistons.
This may sound to chinese it is not so uncommon and can even modify the character of your engine if, you pass, you play aligerarlo a little (in competition is an operation that is almost mandatory).
The protagonist of this video has the knowledge and courage enough to match him alone and to hand the weight of the pistons and piston pins. And not only that, he has also done a video very educational about the process for that, if you want it, you do it.

It is clear that the idea is good, but there is a point leaves much to be desired in the execution. On one side is the quality of the scale chosen. If we try to make a work of this accuracy for which we need to open the engine (with the cost of only in parts), I'd bet on a scale of higher quality.
And on the other the way of lightening the head of the piston. The chosen point is the correct (best not to touch the part of life or the skirt of the piston), but the way... As my father calls it "the well-done, well it seems". It would have been more elegant to perform the milling with a drill bit smaller and evenly distribute the points where it has reduced material.
Yes, I know that is an observation rather pijotera, but it costs more and the result is more perfect and aesthetic.
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